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On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress appointed Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to design a Great Seal for the newly independent colonies. The above design is a rendition of that proposed by Dr. Franklin and President Jefferson.  Dr. Franklin described the scene as follows: "Moses standing on the Shore, and extending his Hand over the Sea, thereby causing the same to overwhelm Pharaoh who is sitting in an open Chariot, a Crown on his Head and a Sword in his Hand. Rays shine from a Pillar of Fire in the Clouds reaching to Moses to express that he acts by Command of the Deity."   Eventually the Congress endorsed a version, the far less inspiring current Great Seal.

Nevertheless, the Franklin/Jefferson design serves as an important reminder that this nation was founded on the proposition that a government cannot be any more legitimate than it is just.  Today, too many people are willing to accept without question the actions of those in power.  This seal reminds us that a tyrannous government is an enemy to its people.



The Law Offices of Beau B. Brindley practices primarily in criminal defense litigation and appeals. Unlike most criminal defense firms we do not seek to become experts in plea bargaining and government cooperation.  We are a results-oriented trial litigation firm and strive to offer our clients the best criminal defense possible.  Our firm represents clients in both federal and state court.

At the
Law Offices of Beau B. Brindley, it is our policy to respond to all criminal charges with a relentless attack on the government.  We aggressively pursue every case as if we were the accused.  Many law firms try to obtain success for their clients by negotiating deals and begging the government for agreements.  We are not negotiators and we do not take cases with the goal of reaching cooperation deals.  Instead, we seek success for our clients by attacking every charge, breaking it down with relentless litigation and, when appropriate, proving to a jury that our clients are not guilty under the law.

In every case, we attack the government whenever it seeks to threaten the liberty of a client who has sought our assistance.  Through careful evaluation, relentless preparation, and aggressive litigation, we strive to find ways for our clients to beat the government and overcome whatever charge is brought against them. Our record of success speaks for itself.